My wife and I were recently reminiscing about our first date and she remarked, “Yeah, there we were on our first date talking about customer service. That’s part of the reason I fell in love with you.”

So what was it I said exactly? Well, I remember telling her…

…that I loved working at the library’s public reference desk, just as I had loved working at Nordstrom, and (back in college) working at the campus pizza place, and working for a local pharmacy delivering prescriptions.

I loved those jobs because I had a secret about customer service. My secret was this: People thought I was giving them little bits of information, or selling them dress shirts, or slices of pizza, or prescription drugs, but I wasn’t. What I was really giving them were little bits of love.

My future wife’s reaction to this was, and I think I’m quoting exactly, “OK, now you’re starting to freak me out a little bit.” So I went on to explain in less freaky terms that what I enjoyed about providing customer service was the opportunity to connect with other people, if only briefly, and possibly make their day just a little brighter. Regardless of the specific transaction (reference, pizza, dress shirts, prescriptions), I was also (or primarily) giving them a little bit of myself, and that was my real job.

So that’s where “Little Bits of Love” came from.


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